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See pictures of the Medes on Apadana Staircase, click here

Heather the Model at Medes Supply Company is seen here.  Some other models available at Medes Supply Company.  All Poses — $189.00 Each (Includes Glass Base)

A. Item# ALYSSA – Adult Female
Hands by side, left leg forward
E. Model Item# HEATHER – Adult Female
Hands by side, left leg extended
B. Item# JON – Adult Male
Arms by side
F. Item# DAVID – Adult Male
Right arm on hip, left arm straight
C. Item# ARLENE – Adult Female
Arms by side
G. Item# SYDNEY – Adult Female
Hands on hips, right leg forward
D. Item# LEWIS – Adult Male
Hands by side, legs straight

Coming soon:

Dara, Ashley, Daranne, Daren, Melanie, Medio, Steven, Kerrie, Darra, Sarrah, Lyn, Courtney, Court, Gwen, June, Ann, Melissa, and other full models.