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Medes, et al

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Adobe CS4 is the latest version of Adobe Flash. Here are some examples:

  1. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignment13.htm
  2. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignment12.htm
  3. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignment4b.htm
  4. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignment3.htm
  5. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignment1.htm
  6. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignmentdot.html
  7. http://home.southernct.edu/~medesh1/assignment9.htm
  8. Not shown is the new bones feature in Flash which animates motion in a more fluid manner