Patent 7253824 (Dara Medes, Heather Medes, William Padula), Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical application inventions

Patent #7253824: Method and Apparatus of Providing Wavefront Color Therapy


  • Dara Medes
  • Heather Medes
  • William V. Padula

Title: Method and apparatus of providing wavefront color therapy

Abstract: A method and apparatus of providing wave-front color therapy using a computer or portable handheld devices such as PDA’s and other portable telecommunication devices to deliver a specific different nanometer wavelength of light to affect a wide variety of visual, binocular, function, perceptual, and cognitive-related vision imbalances that interfere with function and performance. The current proposed device would provide specific treatment for these difficulties by delivering different wavelengths of light through a computer monitor. The exact therapeutic prescription including nanometer specifications and hue-saturation will be prescribed for individuals with a wide range of visual problems caused by a traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular accident, and Multiple Sclerosis, and the like, to name a few examples. This disclosure claims analog and digital relations of light as it relates to both the spatial and temporal relationship of light. (end of abstract)–light-thermal-and-electrical-application-dt200605ntc607.php