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Comments on Heather Medes paper: Starting an Online Buisness:. “This paper
discusses the steps to setting up an online store, the potential risks of
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Read STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS Heather Medes, Mark Spense. Add three
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Heather Medes. If your goal is to produce an information-only site on the Web,
that is comparatively simple. But if you want to create an online business to

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ELIZABETH ( 1865- 1895) MARY, · MARY, · MEDES, Donald · MEDES, KEITH ( 1946-)

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Read STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS Heather Medes, Mark Spense
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Student-Operated Internet Businesses: True Experiential Learning in Entrepreneurship and Retail Management Shawn P. Daly Journal of Marketing Education, Dec 2001; vol. 23: pp. 204 – 215. …Retailing. 5th ed.Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin. Medes, Heather, and Mark T. Spence. 2000. Starting…Mayer, and Ezell 1994) and manuscripts (Medes and Spence 2000; Pawlowicz and Spence 2000…students responded very well to a manuscript (Medes and Spence 1999) since it was far more…   

Using the Internet, students can create and carry through to completion their own business plans, from product development to marketing and promotions to operations. As measured by student satisfaction and content analysis of student reflection papers, this new technique is an effective way to study “real-world” entrepreneurship and retail management, especially in terms of developing Internet skills. Side benefits include increased fund-raising and membership for student organizations, increased community interaction, and free publicity for the host institution. The author (Medes, Heather) provides observations and recommendations concerning the successful operation of student-operated Internet businesses.

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Starting an On-line Business” (Heather Medes [SCSU undergraduate student], Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Conference, 2000). Internet distributed manuscripts

“A Non-technical Guide to Setting-up an E-commerce Website” (Heather Medes; over 300 copies requested by members of the Marketing Academic Researchers distribution list, fall 1999).

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